Flash Google Analytics

Google has a component for tracking flash

It is easy to implement this Google analytics in your flash driven content. It can be an embedded flash widget. It can be a stand-alone flex application or flash only site hosted on an HTML page. It can be used on a distributed flex flash game or program where the developer has no control over where the widget will be placed. Nowhere is there certain things that go has available to track/it's really not a perfect solution it won't be a perfect solution unto flash actually has its own type off analytics embedded within its program. Flash is most important to be tracked with analytics. You need to see how many people actually looking at your flash movies. You need to know how many people have actually clicked on your flash movies. You need to know what browsers your flash is appearing in the most. You need to know what type it uses demographic is using your flash of applications.

Flash has long been a staple of the Internet without trackability

Flash is an important thing to be tracked because more important than just being tracked flash needs to have interactivity to return information to let the designer know how to design it better.

We expect the flash will be developing its own type of flash analytics in the very near future. We expected Adobe will be incorporating flash analytics into its actual flash application in order to give developers a better way to actually track their flash videos.

Flash's of important aspect of any marketing campaign on the web. It offers interactivity and accessibility. Flash is moving images are captivating and can help sell any product anywhere anytime to anyone. Flash is a vital aspect of any marketing campaign in as much as it can take in information and spit it back out to the user and have backend programming that is quite robust and very organize to help designers with an Ecommerce scenarios.


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